Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer is a Blast!

Mommy and Daddy had a night out with dear friends. They had a great evening!
My first Cubs game with Trevor and Wendy. Every sporting event I have attended with T-Fitch, what a great influence!
T-Fitch insisted I eat Dirt and Worms after my performance at Stella's birthday party. I'm not the neatest eater.
We didn't see much of the Royals vs. Cubs game, but I did love the play area! We had a slumber party in St. Joe for a few nights, I miss Wendy and T-Fitch.
Oh my goodness, it was SO hot!
Clearly looking at my cheeks and the sweat on my dad's shirt you can tell it was a very toasty June day in Kansas City.
I love Friday playdates with my friends!
Happy Fourth of July! Hanging out with my friends at the lake.
Happy birthday to Johnny, Kate and Meyer!
I had my birthday party with Johnny and Meyer at the pool. I was not feeling 100%.
A birthday trip to the zoo with my parents.
Feeding the fish (and myself) at the zoo.
Cali Taco with Grandma Kaye and Grandpa Bob for a birthday lunch.
Annual birthday trip to the rose garden.
Damon seemed to enjoy himself at the birthday dinner. I think Damon is excited to be two-years-old!
Addison and Johnny enjoying a little swim.
Birthday dinner
I kept stealing Aunt Brenda and Mommy's corn on the cob.
I'm special today! There was so much yellow frosting, which is my favorite color.
Addison and Damon had fun at dinner, too!
Happy second birthday!
Wrigley? Is that you???
I was SOOO excited about my new Wrigley sleeping bag from the Dauels. I gave a fantastic reaction!
Johnny loves my new sleeping bag, too!
Johnny is such a good buddy!
Happy birthday to Max (1), Kate (2) and Claire (2)! It was so HOT outside!
The Flood of 2011 is hard to comprehend.
Viewing the flood devastation with Grandpa Bob.
Happy Birthday to Uncle Aaron!
Enjoying a field trip to the Gardens with Addy K and Guy Smiley.
A hot and steamy day at Laurtizen Gardens. Mommy and I were both exhausted by the end of our visit.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Father's Day in Ohio

Wrapped up in towels after swimming with Jocelynn.
Swimming with Joce. I missed her so much!
Uncle Brandon is so funny!
Happy Father's Day!
Baking cupcakes for Father's Day.
At the park with Jocelynn and our dads.
The main staple in my diet is fruit snacks. They are healthy since they contain vitamin C, right?
Loving Play Dough with Grandma Shearer and Jocelynn.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Adventures

I really enjoyed the Easter egg hunt at Grandma Kaye and Grandpa Bob's house.
I was fine sitting NEXT to the Easter Bunny.
Mommy and Daddy went to Hawaii for 10 days. This is a picture in Maui.
Mommy and Daddy had a great time in Hawaii. I partied with Grandma Kaye and Grandpa Bob, they are so great to me!
This picture sums it up! I ADORE my cousin Addison. We were being silly and dressing up. Addison looks glamorous, I sort of look like a mess.
My first haircut with Nicole!
Sitting on the porch with Johnny, Kendall, and Meyer.

Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm going to be a BIG SISTER!!

My mommy and daddy told me I will be a big sister in September! My mommy's due date is September 8th. I'm already practicing my big sister skills by holding and cuddling my dolls. We are all SO excited to meet my little brother or sister!

Christmas in Ohio

A special Valentine's Day dinner with Addison.
Playing with Addison at the Henry Doorly Zoo.
My great friends: Kolar, Stella, Will, Jackson, Livi, me, McKenna and Max.
Merry Christmas to ME!!

Wearing the same jacket Grandma Shearer wore as a child.
I loved meeting my cousin, Jocelynn Shearer.
She also loves dolls.
Christmas is AWESOME!
Coloring with Jocelynn. I can color for hours!
Grandma Shearer and I playing with magnets.
Daddy's iPad is captivating.
Santa Claus visited me in Ohio.
A wonderful Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma Shearer.
Stranger danger!!
Merry Christmas to all!